The t-shirt is decorated with an illustration of the Pixie from playing cards “Baltic Mythical Creatures”. It is an original author’s work factory printed on high-quality t-shirts. All t-shirts are made of 100% cotton or 97% cotton and 3% polyester.
If there is no size or color that you require, feel free to contact me.

Made to order.
Production time: 3-10 business days.



THE PIXIE*. Local name – LAUMĖ /’ləʊme/.
An intermediary between the earthly and heavenly domains. She rewards people with material wealth, and sometimes lead to destruction and death. A spirit of prodigious beauty, with a large head, big eyes and the feet of a bird. Wrapped in a sheet, she does her laundry in the river. The spirit’s first form is a dove.

*Direct translation or equivalent.


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