56 playing cards

baltic mythical creatures

The set of cards contains 61 card:
56 standart playing cards (there are 4 joker cards in the set)
4 cards with descriptions of the mythical creatures
1 card with logo and contacts



Playing Cards “Baltic Mythical Creatures” is personal project to illustrate standard playing cards with Baltic gods, goddesses and other mythical creatures. The set of cards contains 20 illustrations. All of them are my personal interpretation of Mythical Baltic creatures, which is based on a variety of written and visual material. Card signs represent one of the four spheres the mythical creature belongs to: harts – skies, diamonds – air, clubs – water and spades – earth.

Names of the mythical creatures are displayed on the cards in Lithuanian and English. The box also contains English and Lithuanian descriptions of the creatures, so you will have a chance to learn more about Sea God VĖJOPATIS, mysterious Pixies and wickedness of Baltic Devil.


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